Agroglobal: May we meet again!

Two years after my restart, Agroglobal was there again, making agro players meet with enthusiasm. New angles are thriving, without putting at risk the beauty of agriculture and do promise to make a difference. This event brings perspectives to light, while maintaining interest in conservative fundamentals.

☝️ This is not about new kids on the block, judging, nor about politics.

✌️ Although it might seem that many things remain equal, I prefer to appreciate the signs of evolution, like sharing information and strategic thoughts.

👌 Agribusiness is appealing and living its momentum: less exposed to economic cycles, it exists to feed people and this awareness makes it by far more interesting.

🤚 But mind this: there is no short-term view around here. Resilient performance demands resilience from investors and entrepreneurs. Less is more and long-lasting, genuine professionals literally have their feet on the ground.

That said, may we meet again! 👋