A new start

I’ve been challenged by an inspiring friend to start writing about my new experience.
As some of you might know, I am a mother of four wonderful teenagers and decided to leap into a new entrepreneurial adventure, leaving the banking world and embracing a personal project.
Some people think I might just have lost my mind, other value the courage of embracing uncertainty at such delicate times, since I have no other revenue source (yes, the clock is ticking).
I confess I always admired entrepreneurs and saw the opportunity of putting all my effort at the service of real economy, a business area I am close to (agribusiness), also bearing in mind people’s needs that I have seen not being satisfied. So, when I start thinking of what truly motivates me (besides of course the financial need) is the opportunity to put my knowledge at service of other: investors, entrepreneurs and people in general.
What will Uva2U embrace? Projects that need structuring and financing, building bridges between investors, and even build its own investment case based on solid grounds. (At this stage not everything can be unveiled).
On the other hand, moving from “transpiration” to “inspiration” allows some new ideas to pop-up to serve the community, and I am sure that this is the beginning of something good, as working standards were never put aside.
What has surprised me so far?
On the positive side, friends and family who make the impossible come true (thank you all) and the openness of different players to cooperate and embrace new ideas. This is encouraging.
On the opposite side, the general difficulty from the admin point of view, as we are supposed to be a digitalized economy… At this purpose, I leave a reflection upon the corporate “stamp”. Why is it that we have online corporate registrations and at the end of the day we need stamps to make contracts valid? On one hand we try to look like a modern country, on the other hand, we cannot let go of the “stamp”… just like society.